Custom Cookies

Make life a little sweeter, eat pretty cookies!

(I'll make more, I promise!)

Custom Decorated Sugar Cookies Starting at $48/Dozen

Soft vanilla sugar cookies topped with royal icing that has a hint of lemon to balance all that flavorful, buttery goodness.

Each cookie is decorated to suit your theme. They’re individually bagged for lasting freshness, and will include a ribbon, twine, tulle, or raffia bow to coordinate with your theme. They make eye-catching (and delicious!) favors or decorative table centerpieces. 

From birthdays to weddings and everything in between, I’m excited to bake and create for you! Browse through the Occasion Designs page to get some inspiration from previous designs! 

I bake each batch of cookies to order, so you get the freshest possible cookies! 

Base $48/Dozen - Average size 3.5-4" 

Also Available:

Mini's $25/Dozen - Average size 1-2"

Decorate Your Own $25/Dozen - Fresh baked cookies in any theme, icing (up to 3 colors), candy sprinkles

Paint Your Own $5/Each - Iced in white with an image to paint

Gift Sets - Prices Vary based on quantity and size

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Decadent, delicious cookies dressed up with a variety of familiar candies, like peanut butter cups, toffee bits, chocolate mint and so much more! Each cookie weighs between 4 and 5 ounces before candies are added. Click here to see photos!

Combo Box - Custom Decorated & Dressed Up Drop Mix $45/Dozen

Combine 6 decorated cookies and 6 Dressed Up Drop Cookies (drop cookies must all be the same flavor) for a delicious treat to suit everyone's sweet tooth!

Paint Your Own cookies make great party favors. Think of it as an edible coloring page, a fun activity for any age! The set comes with one large cookie, a 'paint' palette, and a brush. 

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Decorate Your Own $25/Dozen

I'll do all the baking, mix the colors, and include some sprinkles, you just decorate and enjoy! Click here for the Request Form